Basic SEO Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Unless you know the specific URL of what you need, it is almost impossible to find anything on the internet without the help of search engines. To rank webpages, search engines use algorithms based on numerous factors. Search engine optimization or SEO uses proven techniques to assure your website of a high page ranking.

Online businesses need SEO to draw traffic to their website. By using good SEO techniques, you may certainly attract users of search engines like Google to visit your website once they find it among the top search results.

SEO is a huge industry and it always changes. Search engines change algorithms as fast as web masters are able to find ways to achieve the best results. Still, there are some techniques that remain constant over the years and we are going to share that with you. By the way, not all SEO firms are made equal – those from this site have been in the industry for over 8 years now and have ranked hundreds of keywords. So, keep on reading to find out about the basic SEO tips that should always be a part of your strategy.

Strategic Use of Keywords

meatoptionKeyword selection and placement is undoubtedly important. Search engines use keywords to pull your website from millions of other websites to respond to a search query. You can maximize the effectiveness of your keyword by choosing key phrases that have low competition and high search volume. To look for relevant keywords or key phrases, you can use tools like Google Ad-words Keyword Planner, Analytic, and Word-tracker. We highly recommend that you strategically use your keywords on your web content. Place them in page URL, title tags, image alt text, link text, page headings, and italicized and bold text. Make sure that you add your keywords naturally and use them often, but not too often.

Meta Tags

Some believe that meta tags are not important, but this is not true. Search engines use your meta tags to list your website in their data bases. Meta tags give your website an advantage over your competitors that do not use them. Your description tag can practically be a summary of your webpage content. Make sure that you include a keyword or key phrase and call-to-action in your meta tags. Some search engines pay no attention to keyword tags, but remember that a lot of directories use them to categorize websites.


promotionLinks from other websites with good reputation can improve your search engine ranking. Outgoing and incoming links have to go to/from quality websites. Building links is always worth your time. A great way to build links naturally is to make sure that you have good content. Based on our experience, other ways of building links include using web directories, having good social media presence, networking or building relationship with others in your niche, guest blogging, and submitting press releases.

Well-organized Website

Your website needs to be well-organized to successfully optimize it. If the structure of your website is weak, using keywords, link-building, and having relevant content would not help you attain your desired web ranking. A good website structure would allow search engines and your users to easily navigate your website. You also need to use good URLs as this can help search engine spiders.

Relevant and Quality Content

Your website is more likely to rank higher in search engine results if it contains useful and relevant information. Quality content draws others to link to your website, which also affects your search ranking. Regular content updates encourage others to return to your website and attract new visitors.

Social Media Presence

Content on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook continues to gain importance. Millions of people use these platforms, which makes them an excellent source of traffic for your website. We see social content as a great SEO boost for your website and it can help you place high on search engine rankings. Social media will provide you higher visibility among your target audience. When users search for content that is related to your business, a social media page is likely to be part of the top search results.

Mobile Optimization

As many people use mobile devices to search for what they need, we suggest that you make your website mobile friendly. This provides easier navigation for users and they are likely to visit your website again.